Welcome to the Hamilton Buddhist Temple Website!




This website provides information to our current members and potential new members alike.  It contains our schedule of services and events and descriptions of  our practices.  It provides resources and links for supporting your practice with us.


Good news!


To ensure the safety of attendees and their loved ones, the Hamilton Buddhist Temple is conducting temple services virtually on Zoom. 


Our next temple service dates are:

  • Sunday, January 10 at 1 p.m. (New Year’s, Hoonko & January Shotsuki memorial)

  • Sunday, February 14 at 1 p.m. (Nirvana Day & February Shotsuki memorial)

New people are always welcomed. If you are interested in attending a virtual service, simply email us at hamiltonbuddhisttemple@gmail.com.


We welcome back Yoshimichi Ouchi Sensei, from the Toronto Buddhist Church (TBC), who is back to leading our services. Thanks are also in order to Jeff Wilson Sensei, for leading the services in the meantime, and to the TBC, for working with our schedule to allow their ministers to lead our services.


If you would like to support the Temple, online donations may be done via CanadaHelps!


Our past online services, as well as other services from other temples, can be found here:

  • Higan and September Shotsuki (memorial) service

  • Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temple of Canada Day and October Shotsuki service

  • November Shotsuki service

Other great online live and recorded resources include: